Dancer, Performance Artist, Author, Creative Coach - Based in Brooklyn, NY

Jess Grippo



This dance empowerment workshop - for all levels - is designed to reconnect you to your creative expression, confidence, and the unique goddess energy within you. Using a handful of goddess archetypes and their pop-star music likenesses (i.e. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, P!nk, etc.), Jess will guide you through dances to connect you to your untapped power and creativity, and express something meaningful with them. 


While we won’t make you re-live your awkward 8th grade dance, we WILL help you access a slow but still stimulating pace for exploring movement. Perfect for those who are recovering from an injury, have a limited range of motion, or simply want to ease their way in. Class will start with a slow warm up seated or laying on the floor (adaptive to what is most comfortable for you). There will be slow-paced guided improv/freestyle to help you access your own expression, followed by simple choreographic exercises. 


The world is falling apart and we’re all a bit broken, so why not dance it out? This class is mostly freeform, expressive movement, guided by prompts that will help you tap into your emotional expression through dance. It’s geared towards any level of dance experience (including none) and is especially for those who are seeking an outlet to relieve stress, overwhelm, and over-thinking. Class will start with a brief guided warm up, followed by prompts for expressive, improvised dance, and on some days opportunities for collaboration and creating movement together. 


A 1-1 intensive that puts structure, clarity, words, and strategy to your best ideas so that you can move forward without having to doubt yourself. Whether you have too many ideas, have been stuck in planning mode for too long, or get stopped by creative blocks, Jess will support you in getting to the root of what's there, and help you find your tangible next steps. Expect a mix of energetic/emotional discovery and practical strategy. 


Jess Grippo is a dancer, performance artist, author, and creative coach. After leaving the classical ballet path and not dancing for years, she started making her own dance videos, alone in her room. While that habit continues, she’s also added quite a few others: starting up an inclusive, creative dance community online and in NYC (Dance Again), making comedic interpretive dances about her dating life and the menstrual cycle (Hungry  Ovaries), writing a book and video series (Dance With This Book), and supporting others in their creative, expressive unfolding through her coaching practice. Her work has been featured at TEDxNYU, Lincoln Center's Dance On Camera Festival, the New York Comedy Club, The Vagina Monologues opening act, and more. Her puppy Lucy is her only boss and she frequently daydreams of moving into the loft from Flashdance. 

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