Elevate Your Business with Rise Gatherings

Are you growing a business or do you have a business idea you are ready to bring to life? 

Want to breathe new life into your business and wish you had the time and feedback to chart the path forward? 

The Rising Entrepreneur experience is your opportunity to press "refresh" on the development of the business you desire!

This four week course provides women leaders and business owners with the expertise and support needed to take a business to the next level, overcome challenges, and be emboldened with renewed energy and direction. 

Rise Gatherings co-founders  Rachel Rubin and Tami Astorino facilitate the course with their signature wisdom and warmth. An intimate cohort of other women entrepreneurs are a proven and powerful resource for one another throughout the experience and beyond.

Course Details

Four weeks of insight and inspiration to spark ideas and support your growth

Thursday evenings 7 - 8:30pm est


Weekly Workshops

Live weekly 90 minute virtual meetings led by Rachel & Tami to workshop a theme both personally and as a group.

Tami & Rachel's facilitation techniques "break through the screen" leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30pm EST

JAN 19, JAN 26, FEB 2, FEB 9

Private Session

Meet 1-on-1 with either Rachel or Tami to review your revived business strategies and receive guidance and resources.

Schedule your 60-minute session for a time that works for you.

Journal Workbook

You will receive a course journal workbook that enhances the experience.

Peer Riser

You'll be paired with a like-spirited woman from the group for weekly meetings to review journal prompts and expand skills. A supportive partner is so valuable!


You'll select your weekly meeting time together.


Each participant is featured in a spotlight session to collect ideas and insights from the thoughtful peer group. Together we will support each woman to rise!

Spotlights will be integrated into the weekly workshop.

Testimonials from Past Rising Entrepreneurs

Don't just take our word for it, hear the impact this program had on women's evolution. 

This course was more than a business entrepreneur course. There were so many elements to this course that provided support, direction, and balance. Tami and Rachel's wisdom provided hope and they set an example by sharing their own journey as entrepreneurs. The group of women in this course came from all different backgrounds and were so supportive of each other. Tami and Rachel integrated teachings that could seep through every aspect of life (i.e. establishing habits, challenging self doubt, mindfulness, etc). I can't even express how much I've gained in just four weeks. I cannot imagine what my business journey would have looked like without taking this course.

The biggest thing I got was more eyes looking at my business. It was so helpful to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions, many of which have spurred new little action plans for me. I also got a renewed sense of direction in terms of the steps I need and want to be taking to get things moving.

I loved the community aspect of the weekly workshops. The topics were also crucial for business development. Thinking about values and strengths along with challenges and barriers helped to create a strong foundation for my business.

The Rising Entrepreneur Course was really valuable to me and my business. I was able to sort out some of the questions I'd been struggling with, and create a solid plan for moving forward. Plus I got to hang out with some amazing, inspirational and fun women in the process!

I really enjoyed the Rising Entrepreneur course. I got a lot of great ideas and enjoyed the low-pressure networking atmosphere. The content was really valuable and something I will go back to again and again.

Course Modules

Each week is a deep dive into an important topic for entrepreneurs. .


Week 1

You Are Your Business

What you create is a direct reflection of who you are. Clarify what solution your business or service is providing and your personal connection that moves it forward.


Entrepreneurial Explorations:

• The CEO Journey

• The Pillars of Your Brand

• The Values from Your Why

• Structure & Strategy Review


Crystalize the path forward by recognizing what gave rise to your business, where you are now and where you are headed.


Week 2

Who You Are Serving & How

Gain clarity on who you are actually serving and how they receive what you are offering. Learn techniques to more effectively connect with your audience and establish yourself as a trusted source. 

Entrepreneurial Explorations:

• Refining your audience

• Creating your customer avatar

• Crafting clear messaging for connection

• Effective marketing strategies to expand your reach and convert your community into customers

Delve into a refined and proven marketing lens that amplifies your revenue and releases your burn-out.


Week 3

Dreams Into Plans

Turn your can'ts into cans and your dreams into plans! Women are often stuck in negative patterns from centuries of patriarchal business models. Excavate your habits that are rooted in pleasing and perfectionism in order to discover more ease and joy in your business and your days.


Entrepreneurial Explorations:

• The Three P's - Pleasing, Performing and Perfectionism

• The Three C's - Curiosity, Compassion and Courage

• Reenvisioning the Future of Your Business

Learn how to break free from old beliefs and reframe perceived obstacles to bring your ideas into action.


Week 4

The Invitation

In the busy-ness of every day life and work we often lose sight of the big picture and the ability to choose and take next steps. Together we will pull back the lens on what you've accomplished and what needs to happen next to serve as your roadmap forward. 

Entrepreneurial Explorations:

• Arc of feminine business operations 

• Utilizing resources

• Building on your successes

Have fun examining what's next for you and your business. The group's connection and understanding of one another will empower everyone to move forward with renewed vision and steps. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Rise Gatherings CEO's provide wisdom and support to give you clear direction and confidence for your business journey.

Tami Astorino, M. Ed.

Co-CEO, Rise Gatherings 

Fueled by 30 years of experience empowering women and girls, Tami co-leads Rise Gatherings - helping women raise their voices and spirits and create meaningful impact.

Her first career roles as a school counselor and yoga instructor shaped everything that came next. Tami went on to develop educational and counseling programs for nonprofit organizations. For close to twenty years Tami created transformational experiences and trained others to lead them.  The central thread to her work with teens, clergy, couples and professionals was the power of networking our selves with others that are also seeking in order to discover where we are stuck and where we are rising.

Tami has held numerous leadership positions for philanthropic organizations. She currently serves on the board of Moving Traditions and is dedicated to their mission to embolden youth by fostering self discovery and challenging sexism.

At the heart of her endeavors is a commitment to amplify the impact of individuals and organizations by strengthening their leadership and building for joy and success

Tami received a B.A. in Psychology from Emory University and earned her M.Ed. from Temple University.

Tami cherishes time with her husband, two children and extended family in Philadelphia, PA and Sarasota, FL.

By cultivating our own light we can share it with others and together illuminate the world. 

-- Tami


Rachel Rainbow

Co-CEO, Rise Gatherings

Driven by her desire to inspire self and collective love, Rachel co-founded Rise Gatherings to create spaces for women to connect more deeply with themselves and each other. 

In her early entrepreneurial days in Philadelphia, Rachel was quickly recognized as Fitness with Rachel and a leader in the wellness world. She combined her knowledge of the human body with her developed spiritual practices into a movement method called Kettlebell Kundalini. She has strengthened many minds and bodies in her classes and workshops.

Rachel experienced her own transformation through motherhood, divorce, owning aspects of her sexuality and gender, and sought community for support. This stage of her life led her to create Rise Gatherings as a place for women to gather to reveal, renew and restore themselves.

The thread that wove through all of Rachel's endeavors was her understanding of the ability of the body to provide meaning and healing to oneself, and others. She went on to study somatic therapy and currently has a practice in Fort Washington, PA.  

Throughout her career, Rachel has coached female entrepreneurs in leveling up their brands with her expertise and experience in creative business development.

Rachel received a B.A. in Communications from Boston University and is a certified Transformative Touch practitioner through The Somatic Therapy Center.

Rachel is most greatly devoted to her Rainbow family; wife, daughter, step-daughter, step-son, dog, cat and fish in Fort Washington, PA.

Move beyond acceptance and embrace your wholeness.

-- Rachel


This is the Future of Your Business

And of women in business. 

Rise Gatherings is committed to raising the voices and impact of female entrepreneurs.  When women lean into their true nature they nurture themselves and their work in the world. 

The abundance of resources you receive from this course and your new personal network of other business leaders will provide you with actionable items and a support system to further the evolution of your business.


This course is for women who lead their own business, side hustle, or have an idea for one and are ready to take it to the next level.

At every stage of starting and growing a business we all need opportunities to tap into resources, learn from others, and benefit from a peer group.  This course provides meaningful connection to other women, tools for taking your business to the next level, and perhaps most importantly, renews your energy and ability to serve others and yourself with your business. 

No pre-recorded modules, this is an opportunity for real connection with a powerful cohort of women from the Rise Community via zoom workshops, one on one sessions, and more.

Workshops are recorded so that anyone who misses a session can watch it later. The expectation is that you will try to attend every session live. Session recordings will not be used for any other purposes to preserve the confidentiality of the group.

Space is limited to a maximum of 12 participants in order to create intimacy with each other and the topic. 

Yes! You can pay for the course in full or split into two payments at check out. If you would like to discuss a customized payment plan, please contact info@risegatherings.com

Of course! We'd love to learn more about you and if this opportunity is the right fit for you. Please be in touch with Tami or Rachel via info@risegathrerings.com

Are you a Rising Entrepreneur?