New Hope, PA·April 21 2023

Forest Bathing Mini Retreat

An inspirational guided immersion in nature. No distractions, no demands, just time to renew.



Forest Bathing is an evidence-based Japanese practice of connecting with nature as a way to boost your immunity, de-stress and enjoy the wonders of the forest. Offered multiple times throughout the year, this three hour mini retreat takes place on a private hiking trail in Bucks County, PA. Rachel and Tami will guide you in a slow-paced walk and share invitations to enhance the magic of the experience along the way.

What to Expect

Immunity Boost

Immunity Boost

Trees and plants emit 'phytoncides' which we breathe in large doses when we spend time in the forest. These have been proven to enhance the activity of natural killer cells that help our bodies fight disease. They also have been shown to reduce blood pressure, boost serotonin levels and enhance alpha brain waves.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

A powerful antidote to modern life, time in the forest reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body, enhances your mood and lowers anxiety. When you leave your daily demands and devices behind, you receive a powerful detox and a practice you can take back with you.



Time outdoors, physically connecting to nature, uses the conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into your body. Benefits include reduced pain, better sleep and reduced anxiety.



Forest bathing draws on thousands of years of intuitive knowledge that we are part of nature and we have a deep need to feel that connection. Guided group forest bathing enhances these benefits by practicing as a collective - inspiring and supporting each other.






Check in and begin to breathe deeply in the beautiful forest surroundings. Gather with the other women to reflect on your intention for your day..


​​Forest Immersion

Rachel & Tami, Co-Creators of Rise Gatherings, will guide you through practices to open your senses and strengthen your connection to yourself and the Earth.  Begin with grounding exercises and then experience a slow guided walk through the forest together, receiving invitations to deepen your experience along the way.


Return Renewed

Give gratitude to the forest and to all you receive from your experience. Keep the connection alive with new tools for grounding and conversing with nature.

Snacks will be provided (gluten and dairy free).




An inspirational guided immersion in nature. No distractions, no demands, just time to renew.




I loved having/knowing the science behind what I was feeling. It's one thing to envision all the benefits and to hope for them, but to actually hear the science before we started bathing made it so much more transformative because as I breathed in and out, and engaged my senses, I knew with complete certainty that was I was doing was so, so good for me.

Forest Bathing Attendee


Connecting with the natural energy of the forest left me feeling more relaxed than I can ever remember, and it’s still having an effect on my mood, 3+ days later.

Forest Bathing Attendee


This forest bathing experience allowed me to truly practice self care and mindfulness - somethings I struggle with. It allowed me to turn my anxious mind off of all that needed to be done and instead to the beautiful serenity that can be present in my day to day. I loved forest bathing with other women who were just as curious and open to the tradition as I was. Tami and Rachel did a wonderful job making sure each of us had time in the forest independent from the group, yet seemlessly created invitations to reflect as a group which enhanced the experience and created more connection.

Forest Bathing Attendee


Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) broadly means bringing in the forest atmosphere with all of one's senses. Not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest. Researchers, primarily in Japan and South Korea, have established a growing body of scientific literature on the diverse health benefits.

Come as you are, leave feeling grounded and renewed! The experience is limited to 15 participants and you'll have time for solitude as well as feeling a connection to your fellow forest bathers. The entire experience takes place outside on a private property and private hiking trail. Rachel and Tami will welcome everyone with an opening circle and then guide you on the trail, pausing to share invitations that will enhance your experience. You'll seal the day with a closing circle and snacks.

The trail includes ascending and descending a moderate incline. The pace is slow throughout the experience.

Yes, there is a home on the property with a lovely bathroom for our use.

Dress comfortably and wear sneakers or hiking shoes with traction. Bring a water bottle and anything else you like to have outdoors (bug spray, hat, etc.)

In case of inclement weather (heat wave, heavy rain) participants will receive an email cancellation the morning of the retreat and a full refund. 

Forest Bathing Mini Retreat

New Hope, PA· April 21 2023· 3 hours