2024 Weekend Getaway

An all-inclusive retreat experience in the Pocono Mountains

Weekend Getaway

September 20 – 22, 2024

Why We Rise

Rise Gatherings creates meaningful opportunities to reconnect with yourself, nature and a diverse community.

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Rise is for Every Woman

Rise Gatherings is for women and nonbinary folks of all ages and life stages. We strive to break barriers and connect people of all races, backgrounds, abilities, affiliations, orientations, and expressions. 

Upcoming In-Person Gatherings

Rise Day

MAY 19, 2024    ·   1 - 5:30pm    ·   BRAID MILL, PHILLY

Rise Day is our new retreat experience that invites you to re-energize yourself with a day of inspirational workshops, uplifting connections and supportive vibes.

Annual Weekend Getaway


A life-changing retreat. Curate your retreat experience to fit what feels just right for you from a diverse array of offerings.

Upcoming Virtual Gatherings

Embracing Survival Mode with Tamara Rebick

APRIL 18, 2024    ·   7 - 8pm

For most of us, living with uncertainty can be the most challenging circumstance. There are ways to lean into and embrace a world beyond our control and reset our mindsets to thrive as we survive.


Gender Equity & Menstrual Health Education Session with Diana Nelson

MAY 8, 2024    ·   7 - 7:45pm 

In this 45 minute education session, you'll learn more about the barriers many women and girls face when they lack access to menstrual products and education. We'll also explore challenges people who menstruate may encounter at work and dive into solutions for creating more inclusive workplaces through the global initiative the Period Positive Workplace.


Feminine Flow with Donna Dowson

MAY 9, 2024    ·   7 - 8pm

Explore the essence of your feminine energy and awaken the goddess within you. You will learn how to flow with grace, confidence, and creativity, and how to connect with your intuition, sensuality, and power.


Meet Co-Founders - Rachel & Tami

At the core of Rise Gatherings is their heart-felt intention of nurturing experiences for women to feel a sense of belonging and become more of who they are. 


Rachel Rainbow

Hello beautiful woman, I’m Rachel :) As co-founder and co-CEO of Rise Gatherings, I am driven by my desire to create brave spaces for women to be more of who they are and gather to support and celebrate one another. 

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Tami Astorino, M.Ed.

Hello! I’m Tami, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Rise Gatherings, retreat experiences for women. My path to this moment started in my childhood in Madison Wisconsin. I grew up as the oldest of 4 children with two busy working parents. This birth order was formative, as I became someone who is calm amongst chaos, enjoys managing many projects, tries to find meaning in the busy moments of our lives, and loves to lead people on their path.

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Women Who Rise

Every woman's experience is different, yet the common theme felt from retreaters is that they "instantly belong".  Listen to some of their stories. 


Rise is Here for You

Rise Gatherings is dedicated to providing the resources you need to reconnect with yourself, nature and a diverse community of women.

Come as you are to any Rise experience and leave supported and inspired in being who you want to be.


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