Are You Wearing Invisible Cuffs?

For 3 years I was stuck in a job I hated. I wore my invisible cuffs that kept me in fear of the what if’s and afraid of the unknown.


Written by: Kori Burkholder,  Career Transition Coach for Creative Minds

For 3 years I was stuck in a job I hated. I wore my invisible cuffs that kept me in fear of the what if’s and afraid of the unknown.

I felt disconnected to the work, putting on a happy face, getting it done and counting down the minutes to “swiping out” and the days before it was Friday, again. I knew I had a bigger mission and my time was being wasted sitting behind that desk all day in a freezing cold office wearing my winter coat no matter what season.

When I began the job 8 years prior, I had landed my dream job! But then the company kept changing directions and each time my role changed, I became more disheartened with it’s mission and my purpose within the company.

The turning point was when it morphed into an Ad Tech company and all of a sudden I was clueless, insecure and hating the work! I couldn’t pretend any longer. I had to take things into my own hands.

I had the dream of growing my part time business into full time position. I desired to ease into it, so I got up enough nerve to ask to go part time and presented a strong case to my direct boss. He was surprised and warned me that it probably wouldn’t go over well with the CEO. A few weeks later, they laid me off. It really couldn’t have worked better! I was relieved and excited about my future. The invisible cuffs were finally released.

Now, I spend each day growing my business, collaborating on projects that inspire me. I choose to work with clients who’ve awoken to their own desiresto break out of situations that no longer serve them, to discover their bigger mission and are determined to figure it out.

I realize that in order to move forward we need to step out of our comfort zone and take some risks. I was clear a year earlier on leaving and pursuing my business full time and had financially planned for the transition, but, if I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to ask for what I wanted and make a stand for myself and my needs, I could very well still be sitting in that freezing cold office counting down the days until Friday.

Are you ready to make a stand for yourself and find work that inspires and fulfills you?

About the author:

Kori Burkholder is a Career Transition Coach for Creative Minds. She is the co-founder of VitaminR and uses creativity as a tool for inner exploration to get clear on what you want and remove self doubt. Kori is a Facilitator at Rise Gatherings and will guide her workshop “Paint Your Wildest Dreams” at the 2018 Annual Weekend.