Branding 101 - What's in a Name?

Marcy Clark applies these branding elements when working with clients


Our branding, PR and dynamic self-expression facilitator Marcy Clark is excited to return to the Rise Weekend Getaway for her 4th time! She is also teaching the "Your Values are Your Brand" workshop with us on July 27th at 7pm. She shared with us a fun preview of some of the branding elements she applies when consulting with clients.

Branding 101 - What's in a Name?

Most brands start with a produce or service, and then the first step to bringing it out into the world is coming up with the right name! Names matter! Here are some tools and best practices to get it right the first time or revisit branding that isn't working. 

  • Names people can pronounce and spell are ideal (If you choose a confusing name you will need deep pockets to market it to the level of name recognition)
  • Avoid acronyms unless they also spell something that has a real and relevant meaning - if you have to explain it you will need to do that forever. 
  • Think long term - what values or experiences will you want to offer as you evolve? Does your brand name fit your future goals?
  • Simplicity is good - 1 to 3 words max, additional words can go into a Tagline
  • Play with Opposites / Contrasts that stick in people’s minds - Perfect Chaos, Quiet Noise, Wildly Gourmet
  • Most importantly, while it's great to get other people's opinions, the best brand name will be one that you are excited to share with the world, because YOU drive your brand!

About Marcy Clark

Marcy Clark, is a seasoned and connected communications professional with over 18 years of experience in PR, branding and events. The founder of successful boutique PR and Branding consultancy Marcy Clark PR and Events, her work is grounded on the principles of storytelling, creativity, kindness and integrity. Marcy has worked on brand development, consumer outreach and public relations campaigns from California to the U.K. with a variety of clients in cities such as Manchester, London, Edinburgh and New York. Her specialty is positioning clients as experts, readily identifying the key messages that will connect with the media and help them continue their purpose work on the world. She only takes on clients who she ethically believes in and who have a desire to be of service. 

As a wellness professional, Marcy Clark is also the co-founder of VitaminR, a well-being and creative innovation company. With a passion for hospitality and making sure everyone feels welcome, Marcy and her colleagues have hosted dozens of wellness events and many successful retreats with prestigious partners such as the New York Open Center, Wainwright House, Omega and Architects of Experience. She's a seasoned Self-Expression & Public Speaking Coach, and the creator of the “Sacred Branding,” “Storytelling for Business” and "Public Speaking for Visionaries” workshops. A trained actress, yoga teacher and bodyworker, her holistic branding work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity and “the body as instrument.” 

Marcy’s PR and communications expertise includes health and wellness, beauty, retreats and festivals, coaches, food, fashion, books, interior design and nonprofits. Placements secured in top media outlets such as The New York Times, TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Reuters, O: The Oprah Magazine, Everyday Rachael Ray, Town & Country, Food & Wine, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Vogue Business, Women's Wear Daily, Time Out New York, Buzzfeed, PureWow, Well and Good, Goalcast, NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg Radio and more. More about Marcy here: