Crystals 101

Let me start by telling you that I am not a crystal expert.


Let me start by telling you that I am not a crystal expert.  I am a crystal enthusiast. I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner by trade and so I am into lots of things – acupuncture, cupping, herbs, meditation, and well now crystals.  My crystal collection started organically and has turned into quite the landscape of rainbow stones over the years. I think people feel intimidated by many things, like buying crystals or learning to meditate because they think they have to have to know more, have to create the perfect space or are attached to some other self limiting belief that prevents them from going towards this new experience.  Often you just have to go with your heart, trust what you are feeling and know there is a reason you are being guided towards this new thing like wanting a crystal.


The number one thing I have learned about crystals is that you can not mess up.  There is no such thing as buying the “wrong”one. You choose each other. When I go to a store I will not read about what the specific crystal does, or what it is intended for, rather I walk around the store I see what I am attracted to.  Sometimes there are many I like and that is OK. I will take a tray if the store provides one and I put them all together and then pick a few that I feel connected to. I don’t question why. I just drop out out of my head and into my heart.  Every time I do this, what I choose is always in alignment with what I need. From a beautiful rainbow quartz when I was moving out of the city, to a healer’s healer stone when I felt I need more protection in my work, a crystal has always showed up to be there for me and the right moment. There’s beautiful alchemy when intuition is validated because you start to trust yourself in a very deep way.  Additionally, the crystal then has an intention and a purpose and can be used accordingly.


There are many ways to use crystals.  I use them both in my work, depending on the patient and often I use them for my own personal needs.  In my work, I have a set of chakra stones and I will lay them out and I ask a patient to pick 2-3 that they are drawn to, then I will lay them on the specific chakra areas that match after I needle them.  It sets an intention for the session and allows for the patient to dive deeper into their own healing. Personally I use crystals in a variety of ways. When I meditate I am often drawn to a few and I either hold them in my hands or surround myself with them to amplify the meditation.  I also travel with crystals as protection and tools to calm me, especially if the journey is long or the plane ride particularly bumpy. I find holding them and focusing on them helps me find my center and brings me back to myself.


Every month at the full moon is when you can clear and charge your crystals.  There are many other ways to clear and charge, but I personally like the full moon ritual.  The nite of the full moon my daughters and I collect our crystals and clear them with a palo santo stick or smudge them with sage.  We also take this opportunity to smudge ourselves and clear away any stuck and negative energy. Then depending on the season we either put them on a windowsill or put them outside on the patio or lawn for the moon to charge them in the nite.  The next morning your crystals are cleared of last months energy and ready to support whatever new challenges or endeavors the new moon cycle presents. It allows for reflection and a moment to let go all that worked, or didn’t, creating a beautiful ritual that feels like a reset, as well as a new beginning for creation and potential.    


Here’s my quick guide:

  • Have fun! You can’t pick a “bad” crystal.
  • Pick with you heart, not with your head.
  • Trust what you are leaning towards.
  • Read about there power after you choose your crystals.
  • Or if you have a specific goal or need (like love, protection, abundance, removing negative energy) ask the owner for their picks and see what you are drawn to the most.
  • Hold your stones in your hands or pockets or purse and have an intention or feeling for what they are helping or guiding you towards.
  • If they feel stuck or they helped you navigate a particular challenging situation clear them of that energy and thank them for their protection and guidance.
  • Charge them at the full moon.
  • Play around with them and their powers —  I have used them to help me sleep, used others under my pillow for a headache and after the stomach flu used an orange citrine on my stomach to help steady and relax me.  
  • Be light and lighthearted in your approach.


About the Author: Deb Ross is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist for 15 years practicing Chinese Medicine in NYC and Westchester. She holds a master’s degree from Touro College in Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Tui Na. What inspires her the most about Chinese Medicine is its ability to see each person as a unique individual. It acknowledges all of our experiences such as past and/or chronic health issues, childhood illnesses, stress, eating habits, physical injuries and other lifestyle choices as major influencers in our current state of health, allowing us to create a treatment plan that works specifically for each person. Deb will be at the 2019 Weekend Getaway to offer Acupuncture and Qi Healing treatments.