From Soccer Practice To Sex Magic With Weekend Getaway Facilitator Marisa Sullivan

A juicy podcast episode with tasty tidbits and insights.


Marissa will be facilitating Embodied Ecstatic Sexuality and The Practice for Asking for What I Want - In Sex and Life workshops at the 2022 Weekend Getaway. We are delighted to offer you a taste of Marissa's juicy insights below with her From Soccer Practice To Sex Magic podcast.

Such a fabulous conversation with the fantastic Marisa Sullivan. This conversation was rich with all things sex magic. This juicy episode is filled with tasty tidbits, tools and gorgeous insight!

Marisa Sullivan is a Modern Day Mystic, based in Brooklyn, NY.  She is a Soccer Mom, a Tantrika,  a Pleasure Witch.  She teaches Women, Folks, and Couples Sexual Empowerment and Sacred Sexuality.  She coaches Decolonizing Sexual Health Practices such as Womb Steaming and Breast/Chest Massage.  She counsels how to maximize the magic and medicine of sexual juiciness, how to be authentic in our sexual expression, inhabiting our yes and no and understanding the power of pleasure, not just in Sexuality, but Joy and Pleasure in our bodies and everyday life. Her certifications include multiple Yoga Systems, (and meditation) Pelvic Floor Yoga, Pre and Post Natal, Reiki Masters, Womb Steaming, Deep Study of The Wheel of Consent, and a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use.

If you are craving a rich, amazing convo: this one’s for you!

We are talking about:

🌹The importance of sexual health

🌈 The power of your yes and no: the wheel of consent

πŸ’“ Speaking your desires

πŸ¦„ Womb health

πŸ™πŸΌ Why it’s important to prioritize our pleasure

πŸ“š Easy tools you can start implementing asap

πŸ‘‘ Reclaiming our sexuality

🍾 Using your pleasure as a compass to live your life

🎸🎸🎸 And much more!

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