How I came to “RISE”. Hint: It has to do with Angels

I want to admit something. And its not easy to admit, being that I’m a Professional Intuitive & Psychic Medium.


I want to admit something. And its not easy to admit, being that I’m a Professional Intuitive & Psychic Medium. And also considering that I receive messages all the time from my Spirit Guides and from client’s loved ones who have passed on. But for a long time, I just didn’t really believe in…well… Angels. All those Angels that some people, especially in the spiritual community, would talk about and pray to. The archangels, Micheal and Raphael. Uriel and Gabriel. It just… didn’t feel real to me. And it felt tied up with religion. To me, that whole Angel realm seemed to be “made up” by humans.

Then one day, several months ago, I had this feeling that I should look into these Archangels. And if I’ve learned one thing, one lesson, from being an intuitive , it’s that when I have a feeling I should do something, I really should do it. So I did. I began reading about the Angels and the Archangels. And the more I read, the more I started to feel that there was something there for me to explore and to get to know. So I went with it. I started to work with and to engage with the Angels. I could feel their presence and I became connected to them in a powerful way.

I kept reading that the Angels like to help, in fact that is their whole purpose. And, they want us, they need us, to actually ask them for their help! I felt a little awkward about it, so I started out with small requests and was surprised to find that that most of the time I was getting what I asked for!

One day I decided I wanted to start giving my readings at retreats because I thought that it would be a great environment to work in and that my readings would be a perfect match for women who were going to retreats. So I asked my Angels to guide me to the people, places and things needed, so that I could give my readings at retreats in the coming months. I wasn’t expecting much but I figured I would give it a shot. The next day, my friend Nidhi sent out an email to her contacts for Rise Gathering, explaining that she was a facilitator, along with information about the weekend. It sounded perfect and I decided to ask her to introduce me via email to the people who are running it. She sent my info to Tami, who I then gave a reading to – so she could see what I do- and that same day, I was on board!

The day after that, the office manager at one of the Wellness Centers where I am on staff, handed me a note from a woman, who was running another retreat and was interested in possibly hiring me to give my readings there. I called her, gave her a reading, and was hired on the spot. Within days of asking the angels for their assistance, I had become involved in two retreats! In all my years as an intuitive, nobody has ever approached me to work at a retreat! I am comforted to know that I have Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides to help me along the way. And I am grateful that I decided to be open-minded to the existence of Angels. So I hope you will be too.

If you would like to explore this further, here is the link to my Free Guided Meditation, “Meet and Receive Answers From Your Spirit Guides” ( you can also use it to contact the Angels )

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