Natural Awakenings Reports… After #MeToo: A Weekend of Inspiration and Empowerment

Original article in Natural Awakenings


Original article in Natural Awakenings

Before knowing the call to action women would feel from the #MeToo movement, two entrepreneurial women created Rise Gatherings Weekend. Recent events have made their weekend getaway more relevant than ever. More than 200 women are expected to gather at Trail’s End Camp in the Poconos from May 18 to 20. The goal is to “raise women’s voices and spirits” through a transformational weekend getaway, says co-founder Tami Astorino.

“The mission of Rise Gatherings Weekend is women rising together, so we model that another woman’s success is our success,” she says. “There is no time to waste on competition or judgment. When we help someone else rise, we rise too.”

Astorino is the mother of two teens, and co-founder Rachel Rubin is the mother of a toddler. Through Rise Gatherings Weekend, the two women are combining their experiences creating transformational retreats to provide a safe, supportive space for women of all ages and life stages to enjoy personal growth and connection.

“Away from their myriad roles as caregivers, partners, bosses and employees, attendees will let go of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ that fill their days and shed the layers of protection required to get through those days,” Astorino says. More than 20 female facilitators will lead workouts and workshops, building intimacy and community so participants can empower each other and work to create a different reality for their daughters.

“Women in Hollywood are banning together to overcome pervasive obstacles facing women,” Astorino says. “We need to form female community in our own hometowns to rise together and build each other up. Women are seeking experiences where they can come together to raise their voices and spirits. Rise Gatherings provide a beautiful getaway space as fertile ground for women to learn and grow.”