Removing Your Emotional Backpack: A New Kind of Momcation

All moms get tired, even the ones who are real-life versions of Pinterest.


All moms get tired, even the ones who are real-life versions of Pinterest. The everyday struggle can weigh on you until you are burnt out and feel like you’re on autopilot. For me, juggling a full-time job, three children, and a wife can be exhausting. And although I feel so incredibly grateful for it, some days I just need a break. 

As a mom–whether running after toddlers, battling with teenagers, or emotionally supporting young adults– it is extremely difficult to take time for yourself with the weight and pressure of filling up everyone else’s cup. Especially in today’s world, where the hustle and bustle can drain even the Energizer Bunny. 

As women, I believe most of us hold it together pretty well and manage to do most things with a smile. Inside, however, I think it’s safe to say that our smiles don’t always tell the entire story.  

I read once that our emotional baggage is like a backpack we carry on our soul. The more things we keep in our backpack, the more weight we feel in our heart. Even the little things, such as finding dishes in the sink after a long day at work, or breaking up a screaming match over a toy (you know, the toy that no one showed interest in for months but now one of them wants it, so it’s the hottest commodity in the house), or when you hit every red light on your way to work. I personally know how these things add up because these are actual examples from my week. Each day I continue to add weight to my backpack, and it’s rare for me to take time to unload some of that baggage.  

Photo by Linette Kielinski

When was the last time you removed your backpack to lessen your load? 

This is where the term “momcation” comes into play, which seems to be trending these days. Now, I understand that typically when people talk about a momcation they are usually thinking about hopping on the next flight to Miami to sip Mai Tai’s in South Beach And while a beach vacation is incredibly appealing, does it really lend itself to helping you make sweeping changes in your life?  What if, when we talk about a momcation, we instead think about an experience that leaves you feeling connected, refreshed, and refueled? One that gives you clarity and supports your desire to be a better mother, friend, partner. A space that supports you in all that you need in the present moment instead of escaping it.

Photo by Linette Kielinski

A women’s retreat is exactly that, but rarely considered when we think about momcations. Rise Gatherings Annual Weekend Getaway provides you with the perfect opportunity to take a momcation that might actually change your life.

One thing that I feel many women can agree upon is that the days are long but the years are short. We are often told “enjoy it while it lasts” and struggle so intensely with finding balance.  Balance with being present and connected, balance with taking time for ourselves while still providing for those we love, balance with being on autopilot and taking time to enjoy the little things. 

A women’s retreat can, surprisingly, be the answer to our prayers. Picture waking up to the sun (not our children jumping on our bed), amidst 450-acres of lakeside serenity (not 450 pieces of legos). Imagine taking a leisurely walk to a morning workshop (not having to sit in rush-hour traffic only to sit at a desk for eight hours). Imagine eating substantial, nourishing meals and being able to dive into transformational conversations that ignite your inner light. Imagine experiencing a weekend filled with joyful noise, healing tears, and energizing movements. Instead of wanting to escape our current state of life, we can return home with a new, refreshed mindset, and an appreciation for the beautiful chaos we call life. 

Photo by Linette Kielinski

During the Rise Gatherings Annual Weekend Getaway, women have the opportunity to not only remove their backpacks but also unload and examine the clutter inside those backpacks that were holding us back. Once the clutter is removed, we can replace it with the tools we need to help us get through our day, happily.  As women we are continuously evolving and transforming, as are our needs. What we carry in our literal purse, or metaphorical backpack, should support us. When we take the time to lessen our load and replace the items in our bags with new, functional tools to support our current needs and desires, we in turn, are gifting those around us with the best versions of ourselves. 

While the sun and sand still sound appealing, a momcation that ignites my inner light and invites me to connect more deeply with myself and others, is actually the best way for me to lessen my load and reinvent my toolkit. I will continue to “Rise” and reinvent myself year after year at Rise Gatherings Annual Weekend Getaway!

Photo by Linette Kielinski

About the Author: Tink Fisher is the Owner of Clean House, Associate Director of Rise Gatherings, a teacher, wife and a mother of three wonderful children.

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