Rise 5: Fascinating Facts About Sonic Attunement

“Sound changed and saved my life.”


by Eileen Moran, Architects of Experience, Sound Therapy Practitioner

Shown above facilitating a Sound Bath at the lake, under the stars at the 2021 Weekend Getaway.

“Sound changed and saved my life.”

My oncologist and a number of expert specialists removed the cancer from my body, but it was also the power of vibration, sound, the infusion of music that further nurtured, protected and healed my heart, my body, my mind and my soul.

Sonic attunements have been instrumental to my recovery and my ongoing survival and I now share it with others. 

What is Sonic Attunement? Here’s five fascinating facts about it:

  1. Through harmonic overtones and specific frequencies sound helps restore homeostasis in the body. Pain is shifted and there is an up regulation of the parasympathetic system for deep relaxation. The heart rate slows, digestive activity increases and muscles relax.
  2. Sonic attunements stimulate nitric oxide production  which essentially relaxes the inner muscles of our blood vessels. As our blood vessels widen, nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure. This process also improves energy levels and stamina.
  3. The use of sound for healing dates back thousands of years and has increased in popularity recently as practitioners are reaching more people and science is supporting the positive effects on physical and mental health.
  4. It is recognized that sound is the connective “tissue” between all life forms, from the crackling in quietude at the edge of the galaxy to the child that responds to sound even while in the womb. The plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and all life forms from the oceans to the cosmos are connected by one thing: sound.  So sound is perhaps the most effective tool we have access to that can aid us in communicating with all of life itself. 
  5. Try it for yourself! There are hundreds of sound baths and sonic experiences on Spotify - we like this playlist! Or better yet, experience Sonic Attunement with Eileen Moran at the Weekend Getaway.