Rise 5: New Experiences at the Weekend Getaway

New things that will light you up from the fall retreat


Did you know that trying new things actually stimulates activity in your brain in a way that promotes your overall health?! The science behind it points to increased dopamine and new neural connections that spike motivation and creativity. The Weekend Getaway is a playground of new experiences that can reveal new interests and guide you to what you want to bring into your life more. 

Here are some new offerings that we're sure will inspire your insides:

  1. Myofascial Release - You don't have to know how to say it to benefit from it! This modality is all about body and emotional alignment and McKenna Anderson is the queen of connecting you to your divine feminine strength.
  2. Letter Writing - An old art brought to you by Francine Bonjour-Carter to bring you back to simple and authentic connection to yourself, your life experiences and others.
  3. Mealtime Roundtable - Pull up a seat with Toni Boyette for a meal enjoyed with rich and respectful conversation with women different than yourself. Walk away with new insights as well as new tools to host your own conversations around a table. 
  4. Ritual Medicine - Kira Buckley will serve you a cup of joy along side all of her knowledge about plant medicine. Learn how plants and herbs can act as allies for your nervous system and take home rituals and resources to put into practice.
  5. Paddle Boarding - For all levels alike, Kami Kiritsis guides a gentle yoga practice out on the soothing lake water. Float into this rejuvenating experience after learning the basics on land.

Try these workshops and classes at the 2022 Weekend Getaway!