Rise 5: Simple Satisfying FREE Gift Ideas for Yourself

Encouragements for giving yourself more of what you need.


1. Time to Rest - Tell all that need to know that you'll be resting and respectfully allow them to handle it, whatever it is, and trust that they can.

2. New Journal - Find a new empty notebook, draw an inspirational word or picture on the front and start writing. Or google "journal prompts" for ideas. Start with just a couple minutes and see what happens.

3. Craft - Reclaim a past creative outlet or try something new! Embroider, paint, color....whatever modality your creative heart is drawn to, treat yourself to it and to the quality time it gives you.

4. Nature Bouquet - Go out in your neighborhood and walk around with a lens of soft fascination, looking for things to pick up that catch your attention. Bring home branches, leaves, flowers and whatever else you find to arrange and display in any way that pleases you.

5. Remove & Replace - Take something off of your schedule. Reschedule it (or assess if you really have to do it!) and replace it with something that fills you up or something new you want to try.