Rise 5: Ways to Nourish Yourself with Nature

Forest Bathing invitations to spend time in nature for your well-being.


1. Step outside barefoot and walk slowly with the intent of your feet kissing the ground.

2. Awaken your senses one at a time. Listen for things you can hear close by and far away. Look down at the ground to explore with your eyes what's below, and then look up to see what rises high. Smell and touch what is around you and soak it all in.

3. Connect with a tree by getting close to it and noticing its intricacies. You may even want to wrap your arms around it for a hug.

4. Find a place to sit, whether on grass, a rock, up against a tree, or wherever you are drawn to. Allow yourself to sit and notice your surroundings for ten minutes; no where to go, nothing to do. 

5. Walk/wander like a child and notice what you see as if you are seeing it for the first time. Take it in with awe and fascination. 

Be guided through these invitations and more with a group of like hearted women at a Rise Gatherings Forest Bathing Mini Retreat.