Rise5 - Unexpected Things on Retreats

Signing up for a retreat is signing up for amazing things to happen


1. You unplug for real. Despite the lack of good wifi or intentionally leaving your devices in your room,  you might feel the pull and your hand will continue to reach for your phone, but after a day your body and mind will adjust and release the hold we have on our devices (and they have on us). The results will amaze you.

2. You get big answers. Many come to a retreat seeking relaxation and joy. By stepping away from your every day routine and making room for play, opportunities for connection are created allowing you to hear your own voice and receive deep insights. Many of us have an internal dialogue that is typically crowded with to-do lists and worries. Retreats make way for the wiser voice that is uniquely yours and the schedule of workshops and experiences is there to cultivate curiosity and courage. 

3. You make new old friends. There is always joy in discovering a new friend - especially while exploring a topic in an incredible workshop, dancing in a movement class, or having a meaningful conversation over dinner. Someone described their Rise retreat as the friendliest community they ever felt - you feel welcome at every table and celebrated by your peers at every turn. 

4. You find yourself doing things you didn’t expect. The rhythm and composition of your body changes when you spend time in clean mountain air, trees and lake breezes. As a result, spontaneity and creativity are unleashed! You find yourself pivoting from your comfort zone activities in order to paint, join a drum circle, or tell your story - even if these are things you never intended to do.

5. You’ll fall in love. With yourself and the strength of women! The experience allows us to let go, open our hearts, express ourselves and ultimately fall in love with ourselves and the diversity and strength of the women around us. You leave braver, more grounded, and full of renewed passion and purpose.  You return home with an open heart and the spirit of the women you met wrapped around you.