Share Their Stories: Lauren and Terry

How Lauren and her Mom explore Rise


It's important to do things for ourselves, but just as important to do things for us. To be deeply connected with other women is an unparalleled and extremely joyful feeling. Sharing our time, our rest, our passions, strengthens our bonds. Whether it's our mother, daughter, sister, niece, best friend, no matter how close we are with the women in our lives, there is always more we can learn about each other. Read how Lauren and her Mom Terry reconnect at the Rise Weekend Getaway.

What was your Rise experience like for you and your mom?

In all honesty, our Rise experience is different each time we attend. Some years, we choose to load up our schedule and maximize our time with movement, activities and outside connections. Other years, we choose to scale back, enjoy rest, and spend more time connecting 1:1. That is the beauty of the experience though! You are able to do exactly what you need to do in order to have YOUR best experience. Over the years, we've become more comfortable with listening to ourselves and what we need. While sometimes we attend activities together, other times we attend them apart. This gives us a chance to share individual experiences with each other which certainly strengthens our understanding of each other.

What did you learn about your relationship and take away from Rise? 

My mom and I have always been two peas in a pod and share very similar personalities. Rise has allowed us to explore our own interests while collectively engaging in experiences. I think by watching each other Rise, we've learned more about ourselves as well. We're both role models for each other and we've been individually and collectively strengthened by what Rise has given us.

Why did you want to bring your mom after attending yourself? What was different about those experiences?

Mom and I actually attended our first Rise together, but it was me who discovered it and asked her to attend. In looking out for her, I knew she needed this space to explore her own interests and have a chance to reset. I knew for myself as well that having undivided time with my mom would only bring us closer, as we live on opposite ends of Pennsylvania. Rise always gives us something to look forward two and lessons to apply year after year.