Share Their Stories: Julie and Sarah

What Rise is like for Best Friends


Finding time to spend with our best friends can be difficult, between being a parent, working most of the day, living far away, or any of the additional things on our plate. The beautiful thing about these friendships is they continue to flourish through it all. Encouraging our friends to take a step to renewal is sometimes all we need! That's how Julie and Sarah arrived at the Weekend Getaway.

What was your Rise experience like for you and your friend? 

I loved that we could take this break together. We went to most workshops separately, and then loved sharing our learnings and reflections. I'm not sure I would have allowed myself this beautiful excursion without the encouragement from my dear friend.

What did you learn about your relationship and take away from Rise? 

We felt like us again. We hadn't gotten to be in space like this together, just us, in forever. Getting to dance and reflect and emote and just be together again was a blessing.

What was it like attending Rise as a mom?

There is little time in my regular life to really feel my feelings. The Weekend Getaway created a giant opening for such beautiful connection, both with other attendees and myself, and helped me tap into and renew some goals and lost paths.

Watch Julie and Sarah talk about their cathartic experience at the Weekend Getaway.