Share Their Stories: Pam and Rachel

Pam's Unique Connection to Rise


Pam has a very unique connection to Rise! Her daughter, Rachel Rubin, is the co-founder of Rise Gatherings. She has seen how Rise emerged and continues to grow every year, and she has seen how both herself and Rachel have grown with Rise. Read about Pam's experience at the Weekend Getaway!

What was your Rise experience like? Did you have any expectations?

I actually went with no expectations but left feeling full. Every aspect of my experience was felt emotionally, physically and spiritually. Rise opened me up to knowing I was a woman that mattered, to value ME. I was always mom but no longer since my kids were married and out of the house. It was difficult to find where I actually fit in. I fit in at Rise for sure. It felt so good to be among women period. Most felt free to express what was on their minds and felt safe in the environment. 

What about Rise is so Rachel?

The energy of Rachel is magnetic and invigorating. You feel alive being in her presence and she makes you feel like you're important and an integral part of what is going on. Of course I feel blessed to have Rachel in my life. I'm proud of the woman she is. People love her because she's so lovable. She is my gift to the world for sure!

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