The Reluctant Riser – Part II

Another story about her first retreat.


Another workshop I attended during my Weekend Getaway was an Introduction To Clean Eating. While I believe in the environmental and health benefits of clean eating, I have never been organized or disciplined enough to change my habits when it comes to preparing meals. And frankly, I like my daily cheese fix and hamburgers with my family. I also pictured the facilitator meat-shaming me in a powerpoint presentation on the evils of the industrial food complex. But then I walked into the demo kitchen and met Lauren. 

Lauren’s down to earth, warm, no bullshit personality drew me in. Her approach to the basics of clean eating was easy, and, with the exception of some sort of protein ball snack, the food was delicious. She didn’t overwhelm us with over-complicated and expensive recipes that were going to require me to overhaul my kitchen or my life. And, mercifully, she didn’t lecture us on seitan and tempeh. 

After the Rise Getaway, I did integrate the essentials of her teachings (getting the basic spices and making easy and flavorful meat alternative recipes every once in a while). I’ve successfully reduced (not yet eliminated) my meat and dairy consumption, and I proudly email Lauren photos of my experiments with clean eating meals (making sure to crop out the Doritos in the background on my counter). 

The Reluctant Riser is anonymous but will be at the 2021 Weekend Getaway!