Somatic Coach & Thai Massage Therapist - Based in Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Seely



Your body is the home to your soul on Earth - an actual living metaphor for your life. It has been with you since before your birth, experiencing every waking and unconscious moment - a work of precious art that has been shaped and molded into a storehouse of experiences, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and memory. It is a valuable resource and guide. It is an ally. And it can be a source of SAFETY and COMFORT when we know how to listen to it, learn from it and love it. During this workshop, we will explore some of the core principles of Somatic Awareness. You will learn simple and practical techniques for calming your nervous system, allowing you to find an inner place of safety and surrender.  As we relax, we can soften our barriers to life, soothe ourselves when in overwhelm, and release unconscious habits of physical tension.


Based on Nuad Bo-Rarn, the ancient massage style of Northern Thailand, Thai Yoga is a dynamic, therapeutic approach to healing that uses reflexology, acupressure, myofascial release and passive stretch to promote physical, energetic, and spiritual healing. This deeply relaxing, pain relieving, and soul retrieving blend of assisted yoga, mindful movement, and bodywork encourages increased range of motion, relief from pain and muscle tension, increased flexibility, and improved lymph and blood circulation.

Sarah Seely is a Somatic Coach, Thai Yoga Therapist and the owner of Thai Brooklyn. She is a deeply empathetic and intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience and training. By holding safe, sacred space for transformational healing, Sarah uses mindfulness meditation, embodied awareness, bodywork, energy healing, spiritual guidance, and wise counsel to craft her sessions and classes. Deeply committed to her own healing journey, Sarah embodies her teachings to the fullest as a guide for others. 

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