Rise Gatherings Practitioner Program

Rise Gatherings is a platform for ground-breaking women to embolden others through facilitated experiences that elevate the feminine spirit.

We are committed to the women on our practitioner team through cultivating supportive and dynamic relationships. Throughout the year we support women with a variety of powerful resources, both in person and online.

The Weekend Getaway is our flagship retreat curated for personal growth and collective connection - September 20-22, 2024 in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Space to Share

Rise Gatherings offers women creators and entrepreneurs a space to share with an audience of women eager to learn and grow. 

Our Weekend Getaway retreat is the opportunity for this skilled group to connect with over 150 participants who choose their own journey from a wide variety of offerings. 

The Weekend Getaway workshops, classes, private sessions, and all group experiences are co-created by the 30+ diverse and talented facilitators on our team who share their wisdom in their own unique way. 

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Year Round Offerings

Our practitioner team is featured in marketing initiatives throughout the year and has the opportunity to facilitate a virtual workshop for the Rise Gatherings community. 

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Growth and Expansion

The practitioner team has been growing and expanding since 2016 so that Rise Gatherings can bring new experiences to our community and connect more women creators to a new audience.

Our practitioners are enthusiastic and committed to the empowerment of women; creative, knowledgeable, and life-long learners themselves with a generous spirit and a willingness to share the wisdom they've gained through their own experiences and study. 

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Benefits and Perks

- A proven platform for professional facilitators, teachers and healers to grow and enhance their reach.

- A powerful opportunity to affiliate with an expanding movement for women to level up their health while raising their voices and spirits.

- Direct and wide exposure to a female audience seeking resources through visibility on Rise Gatherings website, emails, blogs, press, social media, etc.

- Discounts for yourself and family/friends to Rise Gatherings events and experiences.

- Cultivate connections and partnerships with other facilitators and thought leaders.

- Have fun with the Rise Team!

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"2021 was the first time I attended the Weekend Getaway as a facilitator, and six months after the weekend, I have brought in close to 20k from clients gained from Rise, and I am feeling more energized and more confident about my career, relationships, and my life than I ever have! Rise doesn’t create these things for you, but it certainly gives you the tools and power to curate the life you desire. It absolutely did that for me!! I am forever grateful for the layers shed, the perspectives gained, and the relationships formed at Rise, both with others and more importantly with myself. I will return every year! " 

Rise Gatherings Practitoner

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