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We are here for you and your clients.

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A Trusted Resource for Your Clients

Refer Your Clients to a Supportive Community

Rise Gatherings provides transformational experiences for reconnection with ourselves, nature and a diverse, supportive community. We’re here for you and for your clients. 


Rise is for Every Woman

Rise Gatherings is for women and nonbinary folk of all ages and life stages. We strive to break barriers and connect people of all races, backgrounds, abilities, affiliations, orientations, and expressions.

Together We Rise

Become a Provider Partner

We hold in high regard the valuable work you do with your clients to support their  well-being.  

We wholeheartedly embrace your requests for supportive resources that empower your clients to practice self-care, find community, and elevate their voices and spirits."

And we know you too need resources for your own well-being to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. 

We are here to provide those resources.




Partnership Details


Get to Know Our Community

  • Ages 18-80
  • Urban and suburban, most residing in PA, NJ and NY
  • A diverse group of all life stages, backgrounds, careers and ways of living.
  • Seeking support and resources through life transitions
  • Value personal growth and collective healing

Connect with this community in meaningful ways through a variety of opportunities.

Become a Provide Partner and Receive

  • Referral feature on Provider Partner webpage with contact links
  • Promotion through emails, blogs, and social media
  • Opportunities to nurture relationships at Rise Gatherings retreat experiences 

Consider Rise Gatherings as a uniquely supportive resource you can share with your clients. Our retreat experiences are an effective way to receive and learn about self care, feel the support of a group, share stories, trying new things, and much more. 

Our online and in person experiences are available year round with a variety of retreat experiences for your clients to connect in community.

The Rise Gatherings team provides you with a partnership kit, both digital and printed materials, with all information you need to share with your clients. A member of the team is also available to support you and your clients with answering questions about events and registration.

Care providers need support too! Our partners are a valuable part of our community and come to our retreat experiences to receive what they need as well. As a partner, you'll receive discounted rates to attend Rise Gatherings events to experience them for yourself, starting with $100 off your 2024 Fall Weekend Getaway ticket!

A Community of Resources for You

Connections flourish between the facilitator team, staff and attendees  at our retreats which lead to collaborations, opportunities, referrals, and support for your practice.

A Community of Connection for Your Clients

You know the value of women being in group experiences where they can feel safe and be brave; where they can express, share stories and know they belong.


The Why Behind the Rise

A Message From the Co-Founders

Hello! We are two types of seasoned therapists who came together to create something new. 

Rachel's holistic approach as a somatic therapist, Tami's ability to facilitate group processes with expertise, and a shared love for creating uplifting, transformational experiences combined to become Rise Gatherings. 

We often hear:

"My therapist recommended I go on a retreat"

"Can you recommend a therapist?"

These comments inspired us to create a collaborative alliance with mental health practitioners. 

Rise Gatherings provides a wide range of support, including professional development opportunities, networking, and client resources, with the ultimate goal of supporting each other in the betterment of individual and community mental and emotional health.

We are excited to connect with you! 

We hope you will complete a short interest form by clicking "join now" or be in touch with us directly.


Hear From Women Who Rise

Women come to the Weekend Getaway for many different reasons yet their experience is shared in what they receive.