Weekend Getaway - Attendee Details

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We are SO excited for you to experience Rise Gatherings Weekend Getaway!

This page has all you need to prepare for your retreat!


Friday, September 29th


Arrive between 1:00 and 3:00pm on Friday, September 29th for your Weekend Getaway! There is so much awaiting and we are eager to welcome you.

Staff will greet you in the parking lot to check you in and help transport you and your belongings to your accommodations.

Our first shared meal is dinner so plan to have lunch before you arrive.

If you need to arrive later or experience any challenges in getting there day of, please let us know by texting Tink at 484-942-5232.



Trail's End Camp
230 Trails End Road
Beach Lake, PA 18405

Use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps. Please do not rely on out of date GPS systems (the ones in cars often get the directions wrong). You can also get detailed directions here.

You may even want to print directions or download them to your phone as cell service can get spotty as you get up into the mountains!

We do not provide transportation from the airport. If you are looking to carpool, we suggest you post your arrival time and request to carpool in our 2023 Weekend Getaway Private Ticketholders Facebook Group.

Get excited & plan ahead

2023 Weekend Getaway Schedule!

Take a look at all that is in store and review the schedule as you select your workshops and private sessions below.

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Select Your Workshops!

Select your four included workshops before the retreat. These are first come first served and space may be limited.

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Enhance your retreat experience with a private session with one of our gifted practitioners. These are your opportunities for transformative and healing moments just for you.

Movement Classes

Classes are open and do not require registration, but take a look so you can think about what you'd like to try! No prior experience necessary.

Print & Fill in Your Selections!

This page is for you to print and fill in with your choice of workshops, private sessions and classes. Hang it somewhere where it keeps you excited for what's to come and bring it with you to the retreat!


Come as you are and pack for comfort to relax into your beautiful fall days in the Pocono Mountains.


We recommend you read over the FAQs for clarity on any questions you may have. 


Join the 2023 Weekend Getaway Private Ticketholder Facebook Group to connect with your fellow attendees before and after!


If you have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, cold/flu symptoms) in the days leading up to the event please do not attend.

Masks are optional, please do whatever makes you most comfortable. In private sessions, if you prefer that your practitioner wear a mask, please make this request and they will be more than happy to accommodate. 

To Consider

We invite you to keep in mind the energy and environment of this intentional experience.

You are going to unwind in a big way. Part of that is disconnecting from your devices.

We invite you to disconnect with email, social media, phone calls, and anything else that can wait in order to connect fully with your Rise experience. Cell phone use is restricted to private spaces out of view and earshot of others. If you’d like to go “full detox” you can simply leave your phone in your luggage or your car. Notify your loved ones that you are taking this time for you.

We pledge to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way that avoids human-created impacts. In order to do this we ask you to deposit trash and recycling in appropriate containers, minimize your use of disposables by carrying your water bottle and travel mug, and be thoughtful about caring for your beautiful surroundings.

Please be considerate of all others and the setting.

As an adult camp we have the privilege of doing what we want! Listen to your heart and follow it. Over the course of the weekend we encourage you to take time when you need it to wander and explore the setting. Sit by the lake, go on a walk, lie under a tree – there are no right or wrong places to be as you Rise!

Please honor the session experiences and facilitators by arriving on time and only attending one workshop during a session time. (We know it’s hard to pick just four, but there’s always next year!!)

And in case it wasn’t obvious, Rise is the place to step out of your comfort zone, let go of judgement, try new things, let it out, and have some serious fun!!

Honor and be open to all of the women beside you. These connections are at the core of our community and hold so much of the value for your experience. Invite others to chat, play and explore.

We are building a community of supportive, inspired women; both at and beyond the Weekend Getaway. Stay connected with other women and with us! 

Our team is open for any communication at and after Rise, and your feedback is valuable to all future Rise Gatherings. We are excited to continue and deepen our connection with you.

Signature Rise Gatherings Dance

This Is Me!

This song and dance has become the Rise Gatherings anthem! We will do it all together at the retreat and you can enjoy practicing at home for now if you'd like.


Rise Gatherings Retreats are women-powered, and we believe in our collective power. Close to our heart is our partnership with Days for Girls. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every Rise retreat to support their commitment to providing sustainable menstrual care and education to young women and girls around the world. Just by attending Rise Gatherings annual Weekend Getaway you are supporting women and girls around the world.

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