15 Best Women’s Retreats in 2018 That Will Make You Feel Like Beyoncé

Original post from BookRetreats can be found here.


Original post from BookRetreats can be found here.

You are a pure beam of light. You are a goddess.

Do you feel like a goddess, right now?

Or have you allowed yourself to forget?

There’s no shame in forgetting that we, as women, are the embodiment of all that is powerful, life-giving, and divine in this world.

It’s easy to forget.

Hundreds of years of subservience, inequality, and sandwich-making tend to have that effect.

But that doesn’t make you any less of a goddess. That doesn’t mean your light has been forever dimmed.

It just means you need a gentle reminder.

Each of these yoga retreats for women is specially designed to help you step back into your feminine power.

To take a well-deserved break from giving to others, and instead to give back to yourself.

Whether you choose a women’s spirituality retreat in Costa Rica, one of our wellness retreats focusing on women’s health, or even a Christian women’s retreat to deepen your spiritual studies, we are certain you will find the specific type of community you are looking for.

Remind yourself: “I am worthy, and I deserve to receive as much love as I give.”

Use this quick-start guide of women-only retreats to discover the 13 best opportunities to connect, grow, and be surrounded by like-minded women who will uplift and inspire you.

1. 3 Day Rise Gathering Weekend Unite & Empower Women, Pennsylvania

Location: Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, United States

List Price: $749

Renewal, connection, and rejuvenation.

Find your tribe in this powerful and inspired community of over 100 women over this women’s retreat weekend.

Learn from 20 different passionate and skilled leaders of thought who bring the knowledge women (like you!) are seeking to support them on their journey to their highest potential!

You will be nourished with intimate workshops (topics include leadership, sexual empowerment, emotional mastery, and healthy habits) and incredible whole food meals.

The beautifully-crafted schedule allows for three days of transformational experiences like breathwork, meditation, ceremony, acupuncture, sound healing, and nature immersion.

Come explore all aspects of womanhood and celebrate life on this women’s weekend retreat!

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