A Fresh Look at Rise Night Out

A stream of consciousness journal of my first experience at Rise Gatherings


Nervous about attending Rise Night Out? I was too! Here's a personal look into what I was thinking before attending Rise Night Out in April, and how my nerves dissipated as I was welcomed into a loving community. Come hang out at this Thursday's Rise Night Out and see how incredible it is to be surrounded by compassion!

I’ve never been to any Rise events yet, so starting with one that's a little more chill feels like a solid start. So many of the classes and events they hold seem to be quite emotional and that can be really scary - so I’m excited to start in a place that’s just about getting women together for community and self-care in a no stress, no expectations environment. I’m not exactly sure what it will be like going in, four hours seems a little daunting.

Will I feel out of place for being 22? Am I going to have trouble introducing myself to other people that are going? Do I have to do everything that’s on the “menu”? I would love to do loose tea making because that’s totally my thing, but raising my voice and rocking it? That’s beyond my comfort zone. I’m usually the type of person who doesn’t go to these types of things (groups, past 9pm, in a town I’ve never been to) but I’m trying my hardest to go with a fully open mind and not introvert myself out of finding some community and doing something nice for myself. All you can do is try, right?

After all my being anxious about whether I'd fit in or how hard it would be to talk to new people, that was one of the warmest and most welcoming places I've ever been to. To be greeted with a big hug (optional, consent is important!) and ushered into an open space filled with like-minded women was excellent. Especially in a space with no alcohol present, it felt way safer and more centered around us rather than ‘hanging out with drinks.’ As I started to do the mini events and moved from table to table it became easier and easier to let go of that anxiety because everyone else was here doing the same.

The feeling of community, care, and comfort for ourselves and each other was palpable. It was so easy to sit next to someone else - I loved being at the reclaimed art table - and just start chatting about what you're working on, why you came, and if you've been to Rise events before. I learned so many women have been coming to Rise for years because it's a needed but still new experience each time. Half were attending for the first time and coming alone. That's such a beautiful thing, especially in a society where it's frowned upon and uncomfortable to do things alone. Finding a safe space to do so is extremely brave and fantastic to experience, it just felt wonderful to have a community space with no pressure and no expectations filled with women who are from all walks of life yet share way more in common than you think. By the end of the night, I felt like I wanted more time - there were still people I wanted to meet and things I wanted to do. What a chance to come out of your shell and do something for yourself. I took a chance and I'm thrilled that I did. I've never experienced something like this, and I can't wait to see what else Rise has in store.