Be YourSELF - Kathleen

How we can shed our grief at Rise


We all carry grief with us, and it's weight fluctuates. It can make it seemingly impossible to do things for ourselves and treat ourselves with loving kindness. Learn how Vanessa broke through this discomfort, shed her grief, and came out feeling more alive than ever during her time at the Weekend Getaway.

What was it like for you to attend the Weekend Getaway solo? 

It was scary the first time and comfortable the second time.

Were you going through a transition when you attended? What was the transition and how did the retreat support you? 

My intention to attend was inspired by a friend who attended before the pandemic. By the time Rise could return coupled with the loss of my sister in law, I knew I needed to go even though attending solo seemed so scary and uncomfortable. I cried when I arrived because I felt so out of sorts. Was I late? Did I miss something? Everyone seems to know what's going on. By the end of day two, I had shed grief, I felt motivated and I felt alive. It was transformative.  

What surprised you about your Rise Gatherings experience? What was the highlight of your time at the Weekend Getaway?

I knew people would be welcoming but the connection runs way deeper. The second time I attended the Weekend Getaway, again solo, the hugs from familiar faces and reconnecting felt so wonderful.

Do you plan to attend another Rise Gatherings retreat within the next year? 

See you soon for my third SOLO Rise!