A Vision Board Without Goals or Resolutions

Co-founder Rachel Rainbow's thoughts for the upcoming year


As the New Year approaches I gather with my family to make vision boards. Prepping for this doesn't involve thinking of resolutions that I want to accomplish, rather, we collect materials to make a creation; the creation that will be a new year. As I sit and flip through magazines, the words, photos and feelings call out to me to clip them.

In the last decade, I have recovered myself and rebuilt a life amidst much change. A decade ago I would have been concocting goals to reach for and dreams to manifest, and although I still see value in this, I have learned other lessons that I hold in higher regard. I’m “visioning” in a new way and so I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

  • The care I give myself  is cumulative and little bits every day, over time, go a long way.
  • How much I “push” can end up being a harmful measuring stick. The energy of pushing feels like effort against something and in the end, exhausting. I’m taking my hands off the wall and leaning my back up against it instead.
  • I trust that what I have been giving attention to has laid the groundwork for what will unfold in the coming year.

As we enter 2024, may we know that what we've already been moving towards is awaiting and we can open our arms, heart and mind to receive it.