Be YourSELF - Vanessa

How Vanessa received a loving nudge to release her fear


Read how Vanessa has become who she was meant to be over the years of attending the Weekend Getaway solo.

What was it like for you to attend the Weekend Getaway solo?


Were you going through a transition when you attended? What was the transition and how did the retreat support you? 

The first time I attended a Rise Gathering event I was going through betrayal recovery. The second time I was transitioning to being someone else’s survival guide. The third and fourth time I came as a betrayal recovery specialist after having gone through extensive training, personal experience, and blending with my industrial psychology degree and 20 year C-Suite executive career. My mission is for those betrayed not to feel alone, feel safe again to trust and love again, and live their life by their own design. I’m honored and humbled to share my wisdom with others.

What surprised you about your Rise Gatherings experience?

How much was accomplished in 52 hours. I wanted to support Rise Gatherings as they were there for me when I needed a loving nudge to release my fear and step into who I was meant to be.

Do you plan to attend another Rise Gatherings retreat within the next year?