Health and Happiness Life Hacks with Tami Astorino: Crunchy Cocktail Hour Podcast

Everyone strives to live a healthier and happier life, but often life’s responsibilities can get in the way of our goals.


Everyone strives to live a healthier and happier life, but often life’s responsibilities can get in the way of our goals. On this episode, Tami Astorino joins Crunchy Cocktail Hour and shares her hacks for sticking to your health and happiness goals. 

Tami’s Health and Happiness Hacks

Health Hacks

1. Make ahead smoothie bags

2. Keep your super foods (cacao, hemp seeds, chia seeds etc.) on the counter

3. Make your morning routine a healthy one with health boosts:

         1. Lemon water, elderberry, B12, fousigmatic mushrooms

         2.  Avoid having technology be the first thing you do

4. Adopt a mantra for healthy eating: Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Most of it healthy.

Happiness Hacks

1. Podcasts! Tami’s favorites:

  1. Crunchy Cocktail Hour
  2. Rich Roll
  3. The China Study

2. Creating experiences with friends – think beyond the brunch and happy hour.

3. Have a vision for yourself – you write your own story!

Family Life Hacks

Small Children

1, Dinner Games:

  1. The animal game – everyone goes around the circle and names something in a category (animals, fruits, ice cream flavors)
  2. Read books to your kids when they are really small
  3. High, low and act of kindness or good deed of the day
  4. Conversation starters in the center of the table – kids take turns selecting the questions

2. Bedtime Journals

3. Love notes for kids noticing behavior – not always praise!


1. Get your own life because your teens are getting theirs

2. Learn more about the teenage brain to better understand their behavior

Self-care Hacks

1. If you don’t take care of you, the people in your life will suffer

2. Sign up for that course, trip, class, workshop!

3. Spend time by yourself, try an experience on your own

4. Do less, say no – don’t glorify busy

5. Listen to your own voice, your own body

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

. Drink Recipe: Kombucha Negroni

. Ball Jars for storing superfoods

. Dinner Questions for School Age Children

. Books on teenage brain development

Tami Astorino

Tami is a national speaker, yoga instructor, educator and plant powered nutrition enthusiast who facilitates transformational experiences to empower women and girls.

Her current work creating the organization Rise Gatherings is a result of her 25 year career focused on healthy human development – including developing the national teen empowerment program, Rosh Hodesh It’s a Girl Thing, leading workshops and retreats for couples and individuals with Interfaith Family, as well as 10 years as an elementary and middle school counselor.