Rise Gatherings vs. AI

Meeting Today's Women's Needs Through Retreats



As the co-founder of this uplifting space for women, I often find myself explaining the profound impact of our women's retreats. Whether you're considering signing up or you're a seasoned attendee, maybe you’ve wondered, “what is the benefit of a retreat, and how does it meet my current needs and desires?”

In my quest to explain these benefits and see how Rise measures up, I decided to do what many are doing and put AI to the test! I reached out to ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, to see how accurately it could capture the value of women's retreats and assess how well they align with what today’s women want and need. The results were enlightening.

ChatGPT delineated several key benefits of women’s retreats that are a beacon of resilience and support for what women need in our contemporary society - and I’m thrilled to see that Rise Gatherings delivers, with a few important differences compared to ChatGPT’s assessment:

1. Empowerment and Support: At a time when women are breaking barriers and navigating challenges in all spheres of life, our retreats offer an environment to build confidence, cultivate new skills, and enhance self-worth.

2. Community Building: We are an increasingly connected yet isolated world. Rise brings together diverse, like-spirited women, fostering deep connections and an authentic sense of belonging.

3. Personal Growth: As we navigate through societal expectations and personal ambitions, we need resources to help us grow! Rise Gatherings provides accessible, effective and “let your hair down fun” opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement.

4. Health and Wellness: Well, ChatGPT, here I pause because of the semantics. We prefer the word “Wholeness” to “Wellness” - but wholeheartedly agree that by offering activities like movement, meditation, breathwork, journaling, creativity, discussion, and dance, we give women an experience that nourishes their whole self with tools to bring home. ChatGPT also said these activities are meant to “promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle” - which, sure they do, but the word balanced makes me cringe, and how our society has sold “health” to women can be problematic, so we like to dismantle some of the messages being sold to women in the wellness world and offer a more supportive goal of integration and self-love over a quest for perfection, achievement and some unattainable definition of “balance” which contributes to women feeling they must do it all. You’ll get what we mean when you attend our retreats, it’s woven into everything.

5. Inspiration: In an era when we all need inspiration to face challenges, every woman can light the way for others. The shared experiences and achievements at a retreat can offer profound inspiration.

6. Relaxation and Rejuvenation: As we juggle multiple roles in a demanding society, retreats offer a peaceful environment for relaxation and a much-needed break.

7. Safe Space: In an increasingly complex world, retreats provide a safe, understanding environment where women can openly discuss experiences and concerns.

I was feeling proud and excited - and even more ready to welcome women to our upcoming Weekend Getaway to reap the benefits of retreating! But I had to ask ChatGPT one more thing I often wonder about, because I struggle with it personally and I am passionate about creating a space that encourages women to put themselves first. I typed in:

Despite advances and great strides for women, why do they struggle with doing something for themselves? Why does a retreat often seem like a “I’ll do that someday," as opposed to women investing in themselves now?

I got a long answer that felt like it might be my first book if I write one about societal norms and gender expectations, along with psychological factors - but that’s for another time. I appreciated ChatGPT’s call to action at the end:

This tendency towards perfectionism, pleasing, and performing can often stand in the way of women doing something purely for themselves. Women may fear that taking time for self-care or personal growth will be seen as selfish, or that it will detract from their ability to care for others or meet their professional obligations. They might worry about not living up to their own or others' expectations, which can create a barrier to pursuing activities that focus solely on their needs and interests.

Overcoming these challenges often involves challenging societal and self-imposed expectations, cultivating self-compassion, and recognizing the importance of self-care. Participating in women's retreats, such as Rise Gatherings, can provide a supportive environment for women to explore these issues, learn from one another, and take meaningful steps towards putting themselves first. The retreat experience reinforces the idea that self-care isn't selfish.

More importantly, though, is the message that signing up sends to yourself—that you are worth prioritizing, that your growth and wellbeing matter. Saying "yes" to a Rise Gatherings retreat is saying "yes" to yourself. It's a step towards breaking the habit of putting yourself last, of waiting for "someday."

Well, that makes me want to give you a high five and a hug ChatGPT, but unfortunately that’s where it sorely falls short as a member of my support team. I’m grateful for the insight and I’m curious what you think! Drop me a line at tami@risegatherings.com, or we can talk about it when I see you at an upcoming retreat!

With love for you and the future,