Be YourSELF - Emily

Emily's experience attending the Weekend Getaway solo


Going to things alone can be incredibly daunting and feel uncomfortable. Stepping out of our comfort zones and into the unknown can be one of the greatest leaps into self-discovery that we can make, no matter how nervous we might be. Lean into that “nervecitement” before attending solo and know you will be welcomed instantly and given space to dig deep, try new things, or to simply treat yourself with gratitude and loving kindness. Here is how Emily faced her fears at the Weekend Getaway.

What was it like for you to attend the Weekend Getaway solo?

It was scary at first. However, everyone was very welcoming from the beginning because everyone was there to make connections. There were plenty of solo comers, so I wasn’t the only one. I had friends in my cabin mates before I’d been there two hours!

Were you going through a transition when you attended? What was the transition and how did the retreat support you? 

The first time I went, I was working through a medical diagnosis, and it helped me make peace with my body not being what I thought it would and being grateful for what it still did. The second time, I was going through a major breakup and job change, and it helped me face the fear of stepping into the unknown.

What surprised you about your Rise Gatherings experience? 

I thought I would have more difficulty investing in the workshops and turning off the outside world, but it was quite easy for me.

Do you plan to attend another Rise Gatherings retreat within the next year?