Seven New Facilitators Joining the Weekend Getaway This Fall

Welcome seven wonderful women to the Rise community!


The Annual Weekend Getaway is a co-creation. An incredible team of 30 facilitators combine their passions and talents in a schedule of workshops with something for everyone. We are always evaluating (and then re-evaluating) the needs of our community and seeking out the facilitators you are asking to meet at your retreat experience.

This year, we are thrilled to welcome 14 new Weekend Getaway Facilitators! These women are brilliant, both in their own fields and beyond, and we cannot wait to witness the magic of this year’s Weekend Getaway with their leadership.  

Here are seven of our new facilitators joining us in September!

     1. Naila Francis 

We all experience grief in our lives, but how do we hold space to process it? Many of us, Naila says, do not take the time to fully heal from the death of our loved ones and, consequently, that unresolved grief takes a toll on multiple areas of our lives, sometimes without our knowing at all. A certified grief coach and death midwife, Naila will meet our women with compassion and care to help work through new approaches to grief – past and future.

     2. Tamara Rebick 

As the founder and CXO of CORIPHERY Holistic Consulting Solutions, Tamara Rebick trains leaders to address cultural divides and differences and create impact. She has coached over 3,500 leaders so far and presented her work at over 60 events! Tamara will facilitate an opportunity for women to hone their leadership skills for any setting.

     3. Jovan Clay

Jovan believes in the magic of human beings and our deep connection with our plantcestors here on Earth.  A reiki practitioner, herbalist and yoga instructor, Jovan reminds us that support for us to thrive in our individual journey is always within reach. Jovan’s workshop will be a chance to explore practical and spiritual uses for 3 simple herbs and creative ways to incorporate each into our everyday lives. You can also find her leading yoga and offering reiki sessions.

     4. Ellen Rubin 

Ellen Rubin, a fiber arts instructor of over 20 years, leads us this year in learning all about knitting and crochet! Ellen is a trained immunologist who promotes all the benefits of this wonderful art form, of which there are many. Knitting and crochet can help with stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and more. We are eager for Ellen to get us stitching!

     5. Amy Zitelman

Amy Zitelman, co-founder and CEO of Soom Foods, joins us this year to get us cooking with tahini! Amy is passionate about the numerous health benefits of tahini, to say nothing about its great taste and versatility, and will demonstrate how great of an ingredient it is in dishes of all kinds! Her hands on workshops will be in the demo kitchen, learning how to make recipes you will love from her cookbook The Tahini Table: Go Beyond Hummus with 100 Recipes for Every Meal

     6. Nikki Brafman 

Nikki Brafman is a life and business coach who is dedicated to helping individuals find the whys and hows of their work. Burnout is a real, true thing many of us experience, and it is one of many common issues that come up for us in the workplace; however, Nikki’s work helps take that burnout and fatigue and, by working through the whys of your work, turn it into motivation, confidence, and appreciation. She will be leading us through workshops that help us tap into who we really are – not just the work titles we attach to our names.

     7. Michelle LaVecchia Odendahl

Michelle LaVecchia Odendahl joins us this year to share some of the magic she creates with her business, Health Yeah with Michelle! Michelle is an expert in all things health and believes a true healthy lifestyle is one that is comprehensively healthy. In order to reap the benefits of life – joy, gratitude, satisfaction – we must invest in our physical and mental health and carefully approach the careers that make up most of our days. We are eager to meet Michelle and hear more of her insight!

These are just seven of our new facilitators joining us this fall – and we still have seven more! Stay tuned to hear more about the rest of our wonderful leaders.

You can check out all the facilitators coming to the Weekend Getaway here - what workshops do you want to attend??