Coffee Collective

You might have worries about attending a retreat, but don’t let coffee be one of them!


How do you like your morning cup of coffee? And do you worry if your needs will be met when you are away from your routine?

Do you need the caffeine burst, or is decaf more your speed? Do you pour in the cream, or prefer the dairy free oat-almond-soy party? Hot or cold, sweet or bitter…whatever your preference is, we have your needs in mind at the Weekend Getaway – really!

The way we, as women and humans, take our coffee or tea and start our mornings together matters. There is a warm, summer camp feeling about waking up at a Rise retreat, walking in the cool early morning mountain air in your cozy sweatpants to join your fellow early-risers at the coffee station to fill your first cup of the morning. Maybe you chat with others about your dreams from the night before, or maybe you take to the dock on your own to look out at the fall trees reflecting in the lake. We wake up slowly and sweetly at the Weekend Getaway, take the time to pause, and start the day with  more ease and natural rhythm.

Co-founder of Rise, Tami, says that making sure each woman at a Rise retreat has her preferred coffee or tea option available was important. “I personally have been to yoga retreats where they don’t serve coffee, or they don’t serve it early enough for me, and it has been a challenge that I don’t always feel like meeting.” she says. “Now that I design retreats, it’s something I eagerly pay attention to getting right. Because who am I to impose what people do or don’t do with their caffeine?”

“We love that every day there is fresh coffee (decaf and full caf) being brewed all day for our retreaters - and even more thrilled that the delicious beans being brewed are from a local, women owned, sustainably sourced coffee company - Electric City Roasting Company.” Tami says with excitement (she really does love to talk about coffee).

Additionally, this year Rise Gatherings has partnered with Rise Brewing Company – just a coincidence, we swear! – to provide the tastiest cold nitro brew, another great, delicious option for those who like their coffee cold!

You might have worries about attending a retreat, but don’t let coffee be one of them. At the Weekend Getaway you’ll have your favorite cup of coffee, with all the additions you need, just like you have at home. And, with the like-hearted women and beautiful nature surrounding you, it just might taste even better.