What does the Rise Team do to Soothe their Nervous Systems?

Co-founder Tami Astorino's favorite ways to get grounded



How are you feeling?

We are sharing ways we soothe our nervous systems as inspiration for all of us to give care to ourselves. 

Here's what I'm doing lately to restore myself. Let me know what you think if you try any of these!


Calm the Chaos with Insight Timer

I've been using this amazing app to pause and breathe, meditate, or just listen to soothing music for any length of time. There's thousands of free guided meditations, there's something for everyone and you can bookmark your favorites!

Awaken Your Senses with Five Minutes of Forest Bathing

While I can't always immerse myself in the forest, I can take five minutes to slow down and cultivate my appreciation for nature. Try this while gazing at a tree, the sky, or even a houseplant! Experience a guided Forest Bathing meditation with me here!

Move Your Energy with Qigong

Qigong is an age-old practice that harnesses the power of breath, movement and intention. I absolutely LOVE the video series from Yoqi Yoga and Qigong - even when I feel tired and burnt out I’m able to do one of these and feel better. Here's one of my favorites!

Try a Social Media Break Experiment

Last month I was spending more time on social media and found myself feeling edgy and triggered. My daughter suggested I DELETE all social media from my devices just to see how I would feel. It has not been easy but I'm amazed at the positive difference in my mood and phone habits! When I need that “click on something” fix I’ve been watching YouTube videos from favorite sources - you can try it with some Rise Gatherings videos here

With love,