What exactly do you mean by glampy? And other commonly asked questions

The answers to your commonly asked accommodation questions!


Women who are considering our Weekend Getaway retreat often have questions about accommodations. 

Here are the answers to your commonly asked questions about our sleeping options, answered!

I’m coming solo and want my own private accommodations, can I do that?

The cottages are for you! You can book a private cottage where you will have your own private accommodations including a bathroom and a queen size bed. 

I don’t want to be alone, but I’d like some private space. Which option is best for me? 

The suites are the sweetest option for you (we couldn’t resist)! The suites were recently renovated and are right next to the lake. Each large room comfortably houses 3-6 women with a private adjacent bathroom in the hall to share. We will assign you suite-mates if you are coming solo. You’ll make a couple wonderful new friends and know a familiar face or two from the moment you arrive. 

I want the most affordable option and a truly “glampy” sleep-over bonding experience!

You can take advantage of our shared cabins! You’ll meet five new amazing friends, have lots of fun, and share a spacious cabin.

What exactly do you mean by “glampy”?

Glamping is known as shorthand for “glamorous camping."  We are thrilled that the Weekend Getaway accommodations allow us to be truly immersed in nature, but without tents or sleeping bags! All the accommodations at each price point have heaters, screened windows, electricity, mattresses and linens. So you are safe and comfortable while still being able to breathe the mountain air and feel the joy and wonder that happens while spending time in the great outdoors.  

I’m coming with someone else - what are our options for staying together? 

All the options above are open to you! You can share a private cottage with one other person (with two twin beds) or stay in the suites which accommodate 3-5 women or choose to stay in a cabin which hold 6-8.


Are the bathrooms…okay? 

Yes! Every bathroom at each option has a sink, toilet, and shower. Towels for the bathroom, soap and shampoo are provided.  You bring all your favorite toiletries and anything else you might want/need such as your bathrobe, flip flops, and warm slippers so you take good care of yourself while we take good care of you too! We will provide you with a full packing list of suggestions. 

Where can I book my stay?

Learn more about our housing accommodations and retreat details here! We can’t wait to see you in September!