Be YourSELF - Anji

How Anji found everything she needed in one place


Learn how Anji regained her sense of self through making friends and attending workshops solo at the Weekend Getaway!

What was it like for you to attend Rise solo?

It was amazing! I purposefully went on my own to focus on learning more about myself.

Were you going through a transition when you attended? What was the transition and how did the retreat support you?

I was transitioning into a completely new career after battling PTSD and burnout from my prior position. I had always let outward things define me... including my career, motherhood, being a wife and a caregiver. It was time to break that narrative. I couldn't even tell someone what I liked because I didn't know. Strange to say that at 48, but it was true. I used the Weekend Getaway as a baby step to start the discovery process and learn to focus on myself and my needs. Not only did I learn about myself and learn about enforcing boundaries through the awesome workshops, but I made new friends. Talk about getting everything you need in one place!

What surprised you about your Rise Gatherings experience? What was the highlight of your time at the Weekend Getaway?

I was surprised to see so many women lifting each other up! Honestly, It was the opposite of what I see in the "outside world." It was just so encouraging. The highlight of my time was the beach party!!!!

Do you plan to attend another Rise Gatherings retreat within the next year?

Absolutely! You will see me there this fall!