Be YourSELF - Mary

What we can learn about self-love at Rise


Self-care and self-love is so much more than face masks and spa days like society tells us it is. Sometimes self-care is doing something that might be scary because we know we will learn and grow from the experience. It can be difficult to realize our worth and even more daunting to remember that we are deserving of love and care. This is how Mary regained that sense of self at the Weekend Getaway.

What was it like for you to attend the Weekend Getaway solo?

My apprehension disappeared the minute I entered the parking lot. I was greeted by a team of upbeat women and I immediately felt the love!!

Were you going through a transition when you attended? What was the transition and how did the retreat support you?

Yes, I was going through a divorce. The women surrounding me re-energized me and gave me so much positive reinforcement that I was worthy of love.

What surprised you about your Rise Gatherings experience? What was the highlight of your time at the Weekend Getaway?

I was pleasantly surprised about the feeling of peace and comfort I found. I was exactly where I should be. The highlight was the dance party on the beach!!

Mary invited her sister Janice to the Weekend Getaway after her incredible experience attending solo! The photo above is them showing off their temporary tattoos that read "To Thine Own Self Be True"