New Facilitators Joining the Weekend Getaway this Fall

Welcome seven (more!) wonderful women to the Rise community!


The Annual Weekend Getaway is a co-creation. An incredible team of 30 facilitators combine their passions and talents in a schedule of workshops with something for everyone. We are always evaluating (and then re-evaluating) the needs of our community and seeking out the facilitators you are asking to meet at your retreat experience. 

We are thrilled to welcome even more new Weekend Getaway Facilitators! These women are brilliant, both in their own fields and beyond, and we cannot wait to witness the magic of this year’s Weekend Getaway with their leadership.

Here are 7 more facilitators joining us in September!

  1. Lauren Ariel

Lauren Ariel joins us to share their passion to celebrate the intrinsic beauty of simply being. Motivated by a love of humanity and a deep sense of injustice, Lauren’s photojournalism is a love letter to life’s rawness, beauty, grief, and humanness. You can sign up for a photo session with Lauren where they will capture one-of-a-kind photos that represent who you truly are. 

  1. Kimberly Estefany

As a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Ortho-Bionomy, Kimberly Estefany understands the importance of gentleness and our body’s innate ability to seek comfort and healing. Kimberly will guide you to positions of ease and enriched well-being.

  1. Jennifer Aqua, MD & Rebecca Aqua

Jennifer Aqua, MD, FACOG is an OBGYN who specialized in sexual health as well as recommendations for managing menopause. Even after opting out of the practice of medicine, she continues to stay up to date on medical recommendations. Rebecca Aqua is a writer (you might know her as the voice behind our Reluctant Riser blogs!) who returned to her love of creative writing after 23 years in the medical-legal field. Jennifer will facilitate an opportunity for women to ask their questions about menopause in a lighthearted, open dialogue, moderated by Rebecca. Join them for What to Expect When You’re Expecting©: The Menopause Years.

  1. Sandra Koberlein

Artist and Educator, Sandra Koberlein captures the glowing beauty of natural life. Her encaustic work uses layers of ephemera to display the fine line between realism and abstraction, inviting the viewer to investigate its complexity. Sandra’s workshop is your chance to create an encaustic collage. Find her in the creativity center at the Weekend Getaway!

  1. Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz is a Licensed Social Worker and founder of Riot Alliance, a sound healing and jewelry business with a social justice mission. Central to Sara’s work as a sound healer as well as a LSW is honoring indigenous sound healers, accessibility, and a drive for liberation. She will be guiding us to experience rest in a safe environment, as well as teaching us about the instruments used for sound healing.

      6. Maureen Malone & Sabina von Wrede

Long time breathworkers Maureen Malone and Sabina von Wrede teach rebirthing breathwork; using Conscious Connected Breathing to clear old patterns and liberate your natural joy. Sabina enjoys the community aspect of breath work, knowing that powerful transformations will happen in groups that come together for healing. Maureen feels a deep gratitude for Conscious Connected Breathing and the access it provides to deeper levels of being. They will be guiding us through breathwork workshops throughout the Weekend Getaway.

  1. Melissa Wellington

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Myofascial & Lymphatic Drainage Manual Therapist, Melissa believes that true peace and healing can be found within the body and she takes pride in motivating clients to tune into a deep awareness of their body. She will guide you through a uniquely tailored session that will leave you rejuvenated and liberated from pain.